Privacy Policy

KLAP wishes to utilise the this WebSite to aid students learning.
For your School/student to use the service the teacher will need to register them as a user. Registering with these
providers requires student personal information to be disclosed to the provider of the service. In the case of the
services outlined below they are private companies that are hosted in Australia. Outside of Australia means that
data that is entered to register for these sites will be stored on servers that are not based in Australia and therefore
are not bound by Australia’s privacy laws. Registration may include disclosing the following information about
your student:

• Student First Name & Initials
• Year level
• Reading Level
• Age

Your permission is sought for the registration and use of these sites by your student.
Before you complete this consent form it is important that you understand the reasons that these websites collect
this information, what will be done with it, who else may have access to it and where the data is stored.
This information can be found in the hyperlinks below referring to each website’s terms and conditions and/or
privacy policy.
Please read these and ensure that you understand the implications of using this service before giving your consent.

If you have any queries around the storage of student’s information, please contact the Administrator of KLAP.

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